Valida (Personal Care)

Fibrillated Cellulose

Valida is a completely natural and biodegradable thickener based on fibrillated cellulose also known as microfibrillated or nanofibrillated cellulose. Compared to conventional cellulose thickeners, a unique 3D network is formed in Valida through hydrogen bonding which results in an increased surface area and enhanced stabilisation at lower viscosities.

Valida is non-greasy and non-tacky and instead offers texturizing properties to the end product. Valida has excellent tolerance against electrolytes and stability over a broad pH range (3-12) and can be used in cosmetic spray applications.

Valida is in the process of COSMOS approval. 


    • Natural product.

    • Stable over a broad pH range (3 to 12)

    • High tolerance of electrolytes

    • Available as a paste or gel for ease of handling


    • Enhanced stabilisation of pigments

    • Drip resistant and good pick-up

    • Non-tacky and non-greasy feel

    • Matting effect - gives the illusion that the end product is not oily or greasy

Typical Applications

    • Creams and lotions

    • Moisturisers

    • Haircare

    • Tanning products

    • Sunscreen

    • Spray-on cosmetics

Featured grades with technical datasheets

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