Powdered Superplasticizer

ViscoCrete® powder polycarboxylate PCEs are a series of high range water reducing superplasticisers for use in dry mix applications in general, and mortars and SLUs in particular. The polycarboxylate polymer powders have been optimised to effect a maximum of water reduction.

ViscoCrete® products are highly effective superplasticisers, which have an electrosteric repulsion effect on the cement and aggregate particles in a mortar or grout once mixed with water.


    • Modified polycarboxylate.

    • Free flowing powder.

    • Conforms to EN 934-2, Table 3.1/3.2.

    • Alkali content <= 2.0% (Na2O equivalent).


    • High water reduction at low dosage: results in shorter drying times, and higher densities and strengths.

    • Reduced processing and compaction efforts due to very good flow and self-levelling behaviour.

    • Reduced mixing time due to fast adsorption.

    • Improved shrinkage and creep behaviour.

    • Free of formaldehyde and ammonia.

    • Compatible with other additives.

Typical Applications

    • Calcium sulphate and cement based screeds.

    • Self-levelling screeds and underlayments.

    • Non-shrink and anchor grouts, tile adhesives, injection and repair mortars.

    • Building plaster, render, stucco, bonding/filling compound, moulding plaster, dental and medical plaster.

    • Self-levelling and self-compacting concretes with low w/c-ratio.

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Featured grades with technical datasheets

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