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Speciality Zeolites

Fresh food in plastic packaging

Product Overview


ZEOflair® zeolites are highly active adsorbents in powder form, for removing undesirable odours, flavours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Typical application areas include thermoplastics, duroplastics, fibres, films, coatings, lacquers, inks, paints or construction materials - used as automotive parts, food (and non-food) packaging, textiles, building and construction parts and furniture. However, there are more applications being added every month.

ZEOflair® can be easily incorporated as an additive in powder form or in the form of a masterbatch. The typical loading in the final product is between 0.3% and 0.8%. It does not alter physical, chemical or mechanical properties at these loadings. All grades are non-toxic and chemically inert free-flowing powders with various food contact approvals.

The wide range of ZEOflair® products offers different adsorption characteristics: from hydrophobic to hydrophilic. Both small and large molecules can be trapped due to the mixture of pore sizes in the Angstrom size range.


Brochures & Technical Literature

Zeoflair® speciality Zeolites general brochure

A general brochure about the ZEOflair® range giving typical formulation percentages and the level of hydrophobicity each grade is suitable for.

download Download PDF 968 KB
Zeoflair® speciality Zeolites for the Coatings industry

A Zeochem presentation giving context for VOCs and indoor air quality and the benefits of using Zeoflair® in Coatings 

download Download PDF 1 MB
Zeoflair® speciality Zeolites for the Plastics industry

Zeoflair® can be used to remove undesirable odours from plastics for improving food and other smells.

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Product Features
  • Zeolites with a spectrum of hydrophilicity - hydrophobicity
  • Grades with different pore sizes in the Angstrom range (mixed)
  • Fine particle size with d50 < 7 microns
  • White, free-flowing, powder
  • Loss on ignition < 8 wt%
Product Benefits
  • High internal pore capacity ensures low loadings with high absorption
  • Low impact on mechanical properties of the polymer due to low dose rates
  • Efficiently trap various odours and VOCs thanks to the different surface polarities and pore sizes
  • Adsorbates remain trapped in the zeolite unless heated to above 250°C
  • High thermal stability > 800°C and can improve heat ageing of polymers and fire resistance
  •  Chemically inert with food contact approval
Typical Applications
  • Low VOC paints and coatings
  • Low VOC polymer parts for interior automotive (VDA 278)
  • Odour trapping in fabric coatings, polymer films, blow moulded polymers etc
  • Improves polymer stability at elevated temperatures e.g. high-temperature rubbers
  • Masterbatch for trapping malodorous contaminants from pigments
  • Active air purification filter media
  • PVC and polymeric flooring
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Featured grades with technical datasheets

A brief overview of the key grades with their Technical Datasheets (TDS) is given below.

If you are looking for a Safety Datasheet (SDS), Product Safety Information (PSI) or an alternate grade, then please get in touch or request a sample.

Key points at a glance:

  • Highly non-polar surface for absorbing hydrophobic molecules (odours and VOCs)
  • Fine particle size with d50< 7 microns
  • Chemically inert and non-toxic with various food approvals
download Zeoflair® 100 Technical Datasheet 309 KB

Key points at a glance:

  • Intermediate surface polarity for absorbing molecules of intermediate polarity
  • Reduces odours and VOCs
  • Fine particle size with d50< 7 microns
  • Suitable for clear systems
download Zeoflair® 800 Technical Datasheet 310 KB

Key points at a glance:

  • Intermediate surface polarity for absorbing molecules of intermediate polarity
  • Reduces odours and VOCs
  • Fine particle size with d50< 7 microns
  • Chemically inert, non-toxic with various food approvals
download Zeoflair® 810 Technical Datasheet 311 KB