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HPF Quarzwerke has been extracting, processing and refining mineral for 135 years. Safe to say that they are experts in producing speciality fillers that enhance a huge variety of chemical products. For a full list of the minerals available please see the product listings below the company overview video. Aside from offering these grades in a variety of controlled particle size distributions, HPF is also able to add surface treatments to the materials in order to optimise their performance with a broad scope of chemistries.

Typical performance enhancements include increased rigidity, tuning of other mechanical properties like tensile strength, improved thermal conductivity, reduced warpage, lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion, improved scratch resistance, reactive transmission and opacity to EM radiation, tuning dielectric properties, improved barrier properties, corrosion protection, weather resistance, improved transparency, electrical insulation and decorative properties. See the video below for a high-level overview of the HPF product offering.



Aluminium Hydroxide


Feldspar Flours


Thermally Conductive Alumina and Zinc Oxide

SILBOND® arrow

Fused Silica

TREFIL® arrow

Anhydrite flour

TREMICA® arrow

Mica (Muscovite)


Nepheline Syenite

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