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Company Overview


Sika is a leading global construction chemical company with head office in Zürich, Switzerland. Its reputation was built originally on additives for cement and mortar but today, Sika are active in markets ranging from sealing and bonding to flooring and concrete.

Sika employs over 17000 people worldwide in 97 countries and have over 170 production sites.

Lawrence Industries are the UK and Ireland distributor for Sika's range of state-of-the-art powder Viscocrete polycarboxylate ether superplasticisers (PCEs). Polycarboxylates outperform conventional superplasticisers like melamine sulfonates and lignosulfonates in terms of the amount of water reduction possible (up to 40%) leading to greater strength in the final product. The biggest use of Viscocrete powder PCEs is in self levelling underlayments (SLUs) where excellent flow properties and high strength is crucial. Viscocrete PCEs are compatible with a wide range of binder systems ranging from OPC to HAC and Ca-sulfate.

Viscocrete powder superplasticisers are VOC and formaldehyde free (unlike melamine) and are therefore suitable for the production of EMICODE EC1 Plus compliant self levellers and floor screeds.


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