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Company Overview


Established in 1969, TMC Hallcrest have developed into the market leaders for colour change technology. Based in Deeside close to the Welsh/English border, TMC develop and manufacture thermochromic (reversible and irreversible) temperature changing pigments and ready formulated inks and paints. These novel colour changing pigments can be used in coatings, inks and thermoplastics for a wide range of applications such as security and brand protection, quality and process control and for promotional and novelty items.

Chromazone (reversible) and Kromagen (irreversible) thermochromics are available in a variety of temperature and colour combinations to suit customers’ individual needs.

In addition to these heat changing pigments, TMC are also able to offer photochromic (light sensitive) and hydrochromic (water sensitive) pigments and are able to develop custom products with individual requirements in mind.


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Reversible Thermachromic Pigments

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Irreversible Thermochromic Pigments

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