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Company Overview


Tramaco GmbH are specialists in the development and production of innovative adhesion promoters and primers for plastic and rubber substrates primarily - polypropylene in particular. Other substrates that can be adhered to with their range are polyethylene, EPDM, polyurethane and aluminium.

A wide range of chlorinated and non-chlorinated polypropylene primers and adhesion promoters are available to enhance formulations across a range of industries. These are marketed under the brand name TRAPYLEN®

From their well-equipped lab, staffed by experts in adhesion, they are also able to offer custom products and support your development project with robust analytical insights.

Tramaco have been solving adhesion issues since 1973 and are part of the highly regarded ROWA GROUP (since 1979). Their customer orientation and focus on technical innovations make them an exciting partner to Lawrence Industries.

If you have an adhesion problem to polyolefins in any system then get in touch to see how we can be of assistance to your project.



Adhesion Promotors for Low Energy Substrates

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