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Established in 2020 and driven by sustainability, Waverly carbon are an exciting new UK manufacturer. They are the first company in the UK to produce recovered carbon black.

Together with expert technicians and chemists, they have developed a state-of-the-art, continuous testing regime to fast-track tyre recycling and reduce waste whilst guaranteeing product consistency.

Waverly carbon have partnered with Lawrence Industries to help offer more sustainable alternatives to customers. We offer recovered carbon black from Waverly in both pelleted and powder form.


Waverly Carbon was born from a discussion about how to accelerate the development of the tyre pyrolysis industry to produce recovered Carbon Black. Carbon black is widely used in rubber, plastics, paints and coatings for pigmentation and reinforcement purposes. As, however, virgin Carbon Black comes from oil and natural gas sources though, more sustainable options are needed.

Waverly Carbon developed a process to overcome the hurdles to using tyre pyrolysis, that mean end-of-life tyres can be utilised to make a Carbon Black with reduced carbon emissions, that also reduces landfill waste from tyres. By sourcing high quality tyre char from both truck and passenger tyres and then refining it via a process of devolatisation, milling, and optional pelleting, they have been able to produce a recovered Carbon Black performs just as well without the environmental and health costs.

Waverly carbon is the UK’s only manufacturer of recovered Carbon Black and put the spotlight on refining rather than producing char, this means the char is tested before refinement, to ensure it has exceptional quality and is ‘clean’.


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