Glittering mica flakes

Geoflake® is a range of synthetic mica flakes for creating plastic-free glittering effects.  Developed specifically as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic (PET) glitters, Geoflake® is ideal for use in cosmetic and coating applications.  The tight particle size distribution and clean colour of synthetic mica creates outstanding glittering effects and is suitable for solvent based and some water based applications.

Geoflake® is available in eight colours (Silver, White, Sun Gold, Royal Blue, Green, Lavender, Salmon and Rainbow) and in two sizes (XL 350 micron and XXL 750 micron).  It is non-toxic and compliant with major cosmetic and coating regulations. 


    • Unique plastic-free glittering effect pigment

    • Geoflake® is available in eight colours and two particle sizes (350 micron and 750 micron)

    • Temperature stable

    • Non-toxic and compliant with major cosmetic, plastic and coating legislation


    • Possibility to create plastic-free glitter effects

    • 16 different products available

    • Eco-friendly alternative to PET glitters

Typical Applications

    • Cosmetics: nail polishes, pressed powders, wax-based systems, emulsions and gels

    • Plastics

    • Decorative coatings

    • Inks

Related brochures & technical literature

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Geoflake® - Glittering Mica Flakes

Colour card for Geoflake® - glittering mica flakes. Please note that this is a scanned copy and pigment appearance is different when viewed in person.

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