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Münzing Chemie GmbH is a sixth generation family owned company incorporated in 1830. As a manufacturer of specialty chemicals with headquarters in Abstaatt, Germany and production plants in Germany, USA and China together with a presence in over 40 countries, Münzing Chemie are a true multinational with global presence in their chosen markets.

A broad range of chemical synthesis capabilities is used to produce a wide range of functional additives and waxes for the formulation and improvement of paints and coatings, graphic arts, inks, dispersions and colourants, adhesives, sealants, powder coatings and construction products based on cement and gypsum.

A diverse portfolio of additive solutions which includes defoamers and antifoams, wetting agents, levelling agents, dispersants, thickening agents and rheology modifiers, micronized waxes and wax dispersions, powder defoamers, powder anti-shrinkage agents and powder wetting agents provides our customers with a multitude of options for problem solving and formulation improvement.

Münzing Chemie are a customer focused organisation which has a large and capable R&D centre constantly seeking to improve the existing product range to meet customers’ needs by the addition of new products which offer increased performance or better compliance.

A comprehensive technical request service is also available for our customers who wish to work in partnership with Lawrence Industries to improve their formulations.


AGITAN® arrow


AGITAN® P arrow

Powder Defoamers


Micronized and Non-Micronized Waxes

EDAPLAN® arrow

Dispersing Agents for Pigments and Fillers

LUBA-print arrow

Wax Dispersions and Emulsions

METOLAT® arrow

Wetting Agents

METOLAT® P arrow

Powder Additives

TAFIGEL® arrow

PU, HASE and Inverse Emulsion Rheology Modifiers

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