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Asconium® 500 - Easy to introduce water-based corrosion inhibition and adhesion promotion

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Metal being painted onto for corrosion inhibition


Asconium® long-term corrosion inhibitors have always delivered significant advantages over inorganic inhibitors. With no milling required, Asconium® grades are easier to incorporate into formulations and offer better gloss retention, fewer labelling requirements and improved performance for both salt spray and anti-blistering. They have also been widely adopted in the most modern water-based direct-to-metal primer applications. However, to achieve the best Asconium® performance, there have historically been certain procedures to follow in terms of order of addition and possibly pre-neutralisation.

To enhance the ease of use of Asconium® inhibitors, ASCOTEC have developed Asconium® 500 which delivers the coatings formulator several advantages:

  • Asconium® 500 can be added at any time during manufacture, even post-addition without loss of performance
  • VOC free
  • Wide compatibility with most commercially available water-based polymers
  • Low dosage
  • Up to C5 corrosion class performance depending on the binder and formulation


Starting Point Formulations

White DTM Water-Based Coating in AC2403

Add in order with good agitation:
Water 2.50 %
Binder - AC2403 34.50 %
Dispersing Agent - EDAPLAN 490 1.00 %
Defoamer - Agitan 762 0.10 %
Neutraliser 0.17 %
White pigment 15.00 %
Disperse with high shear rate for 10-15 mins, then add progressively:
Co-solvent 4.00 %
Water 6.15 %
Binder - AC2403 34.40 %
Defoamer - Agitan 762 0.15 %
Wetting Agent 0.18 %
Flash-rust inhibitor - ASCOTRAN-H10 0.60 %
Disperse with high shear for 5 mins, then add progressively:
Thickener - Tafigel PUR 85 0.50 %
Anticorrosion additive - ASCONIUM-500 0.75 %


White DTM Water-Based Coating in EPS595

Add in order with good agitation:
Water 4.52 %
Thickener - Tafigel PUR 85 0.35 %
Dispersing Agent - EDAPLAN 490 0.65 %
Defoamer - Agitan 762 0.19 %
Neutraliser 0.20 %
White pigment 17.98 %
Disperse with high shear rate for 10-15 mins, then add progressively:
Binder - EPS595 61.72 %
Water 8.40 %
Defoamer - Agitan 762 0.15 %
Coalescing Agent 3.69 %
Flash-rust inhibitor - ASCOTRAN-H10 0.60 %
Disperse with high shear rate for 5 mins, then add progressively:
Thickener - Tafigel PUR 85 0.30 %
Anticorrosion additive - ASCONIUM-500 1.25 %

Ascotec have conducted extensive studies using polymers from the most prominent resin manufacturers which have confirmed the performance of Asconium® 500 and its near-universal compatibility in water-based acrylic resins, water-based alkyd polymers and water-based epoxy resins and a good number of validated starting point formulations are already available.

If you are looking to keep ahead in the water-based direct-to-metal primer market, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you maintain your competitive edge.


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Ian Brown, Technical Sales Manager

Coatings and Adhesives

Ian has a technical background in Chemistry and Materials Science, having studied at the University of Greenwich and then having worked in a technical capacity for both the MOD and Synthomer. Since then he has held various sales positions and is now one of the longest-serving members of our Technical Sales Team specialising in the Coatings, Adhesives and Graphic Arts sectors.

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