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Company Overview


Although American based, 3M are a multinational conglomerate with manufacturing plants in 70 countries and a pedigree going back over 120 years. They are well known for supplying products across a number of industries including abrasives, medical supplies, PPE and office supplies (Command™, Post-it®) but are also providing new innovations in material science.

Their scientific approach to progress has allowed them to thrive since their beginnings in 1902 and they continue to develop and innovate with the times with new focuses on sustainability and equity to provide future-proof, market-leading products.

For the UK Market, 3M have been partnered with Lawrence Industries for a number of years and together we have helped our customers produce many leading products. We represent their Glass Bubbles, Boron Nitride and Ceramic Microspheres that provide solutions such as lightweighting, thermal insulation and abrasion resistance.


Boron Nitride arrow

Thermally conductive lubricating fillers

Ceramic Microspheres arrow

High performance abrasion resistance

Glass Bubbles arrow

The lightweight filler

Protective Materials arrow

Fluorocarbon-free stain protection

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3M Glass Bubbles for Cryogenic Insulation Applications

Liquid forms of elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium are used to reach the extremely cold temperatures required for MRI and superconductor applications. To minimise heat transfer, insulation jackets which contain a material with a low thermal conductivity are put in place. Glass Bubbles can be a really good material for these insulation jackets.

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