Liquid Anti-corrosion Additives

ASCONIUM® liquid anti-corrosion additives are comprised of a blend of organic molecules that offer long-term anodic protection to multiple metal substrates. They can be formulated into either solvent- or aqueous-based coatings and work well in both pigmented and clear systems.

Anti-corrosion pigments, such as zinc phosphate, are a well-established class of anti-corrosion additives used in the coating industry. Their usage presents several problems however: it is difficult to achieve high gloss finishes, they are often based on heavy metals (requiring labelling) and they can be difficult to stabilise. ASCONIUM® overcomes these problems with products that are easier to incorporate and stabilise, whilst being effective at much lower dosages than traditional mineral pigments. Additionally, they offer enhanced adhesion and blistering protection, improved water resistance and a strong chemical barrier effect.

They can be used on their own or in synergy with mineral pigments and organic/hybrid additives. Typically this will be in situations where both cathodic and anodic protection is required.

By working with Lawrence Industries and ASCOTEC® you will also have access to technical experts who will work with you to achieve optimal anti-corrosion performance in your coating. Aqueous formulations can prove challenging to formulate but, with our assistance, you will be well positioned to meet your goals.


    • Organic liquid anti-corrosion additives.

    • Can be used as the primary anti-corrosion agent, or in combination with anti-corrosion pigments.

    • Suitable for solvent- and aqueous-borne systems.

    • Applications range from heavy protective to architectural DIY coatings.


    • Long-term multi-metal anti-corrosion performance. Provides anodic protection and a chemical barrier to corrosion.

    • Easy to incorporate; without the need for grinding or pigment stabilisation.

    • Free of heavy metals. Avoids associated labelling requirements.

    • Low dosage rates when compared to anti-corrosion pigments.

    • Excellent choice for clear coat and high gloss systems - not possible with anti-corrosion pigments.

    • Improves film water resistance when compared to anti-corrosion pigments.

    • Reduces blistering and improves film adhesion to the substrate.

    • Work with a market leader to develop the right solution for your coating.

    • Potential cost saving - balance PVC of anti-corrosion pigments with talc or calcium carbonate.

Typical Applications

    • DTM coatings.

    • Protective coatings (marine, agricultural etc.).

    • High gloss coatings.

    • Architectural coatings.

    • Solvent- and aqueous-borne coatings.

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ASCONIUM® Liquid Anti-corrosion Additives Overview Brochure

Achieve high-performance anti-corrosion properties in your coating, with the easy-to-dose ASCONIUM® additives from ASCOTEC. Improve adhesion, film hydrophobicity and commit to environmentally safe products.

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ASCONIUM® Liquid Anti-corrosion Additives Technical Overview

A more in-depth look at how to select and use the ASCONIUM® liquid anti-corrosion additives.

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