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avanMFI Plus

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Melt flow enhancer for recycled polyolefins

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Product Overview


Recently,  there has been an increasing demand for recycled materials. However, the recycling process itself can cause detrimental changes to the polymer chains of the plastic.

For example,  properties such as the flow behaviour are impacted, particularly in recycled thermoplastics such as HDPE. This makes it very difficult to process these polymer types.

To help tackle this problem, avanMFI has been developed for recycled thermoplastics. This melt flow enhancer is based on a special blend of additives to increase the melt flow index in recycled polyolefins. 


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Product Features
  • Easy dosing
  • Handling in masterbatch form


Product Benefits
  • Increases MFI in recycled polymers
Typical Applications
  • Recycled thermoplastics
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