Biodegradable Glitter

Geonature® is a range of environmentally friendly biodegradable glitter particles that have been specifically designed to biodegrade in natural freshwater environments.  Based on a cellulose film, Geonature® offers high brilliance, bright colours and outstanding sparkle.  

Geonature® is available in a range of nine different colours and 200 micron (0.008 inch) particles.  It is non-toxic and ideal for use in cosmetic products.


    • Plastic-free glittering effect pigment

    • Geonature® is available in nine different colours and as a 008 hex particle (200 micron)

    • Non-toxic and biodegradable


    • Possibility to create plastic-free glitter effects

    • 9 different products available

    • Eco-friendly biodegradable alternative to PET glitters

Typical Applications

    • Cosmetics: nail polishes, pressed powders, wax-based systems, emulsions and gels

    • Plastics

    • Decorative coatings

    • Inks