Molecular Sieve


BASF Molecular Sieve products are zeolitic materials based on synthetic aluminosilicates. These are produced to be spherical and with a regular, defined, porosity measured on the Ångström length scale. This controlled pore size allows for selective adsorption based on molecular size.

Typical applications are the drying of technical gases and polar liquids. This is due to the high adsorption capacity for polar compounds. Read on to find out more. If you would like to discuss these products further then please get in touch with our technical sales team who will be able to help.


    • Zeolite adsorbent comprised of crystalline aluminosilicate.

    • Defined pore sizes of 3 Å, 4 Å, 5 Å and 10 Å (13X).

    • Affinity for polar compounds.

    • Extremely high surface area of 800-900 m2/g.

    • Available in 2 different bead sizes: 1.6-2.5 mm and 2.5-5.0 mm.


    • High adsorption capacity of water at low partial pressures.

    • Easy separation of compounds with similar polarity.

    • Highly controlled pore size allows for selective adsorption or separation based on molecular size.

    • Efficient drying of polar compounds.

    • Product can be regenerated with increased temperature, reduced pressure or with a suitable purge gas.

Typical Applications

    • Drying of polar liquids e.g. methanol and ethanol.

    • Drying of compressed air.

    • Drying of technical gases (N2, 02, CO2).

    • Non-cryogenic oxygen enrichment.