Sorbead® Air

Silica Gel

Sorbead® Air adsorbents (formerly known as KC-Trockenperlen) are comprised of alumino-silicate gel beads used in the drying of compressed air, technical gases and in power transformer breathers.

Three grades are available: Sorbead® Air R, Sorbead® Air WS and Sorbead® Orange CHAMELEON®. WS is a water stable grade often used as a guard layer in combination with other desiccants. CHAMELEON® is an indicating silica gel used for moisture sensitive applications, such as transformer air breathers.

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    • High performance alumino-silicate gel adsorbents.

    • Extremely high surface area.

    • Hard spherical beads with high crush strength.

    • Standard sphere sizes of 2.0-5.0 mm.

    • CHAMELEON® indicating silica gel, changing from orange to colourless.


    • Low regeneration temperature of between 120-150°C. Can offer a significant reduction in operating costs.

    • Long product lifetime.

    • Low attrition rate due to high crush strength.

    • Pressure dew point of -60°C can be achieved.

    • Patented Water Stable (WS) grade available which is commonly used as a guard layer in combination with Sorbead® Air R.

Typical Applications

    • Compressed air drying - thermal regeneration.

    • Technical gas drying (e.g. N2, O2, CO2).

    • Breathers for power transformers.