Thioplast™ EPS

Epoxy-functional polysulfide resin

Thioplast™ EPS resins are epoxy-terminated polysulfides for use as the primary or co-binder in epoxy systems. These hybrid resins have unique properties that combine the flexibility, chemical resistance and crack bridging of the polysulfide with the chemical reactivity of epoxy resin technology.

Thioplast™ EPS resins are used in high performance adhesives, bonding a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, steel and concrete. It is used in premium anti-corrosive coatings for structural steel, marine and off-shore applications. Thioplast™ EPS also performs well in mechanically and chemically stressed coatings such as those found on pipelines and tanking. It displays excellent resistance to fuels and mineral oils which is why you will find it being used on the inside of pipeline coatings, fuel storage tanks, repair pits and refuelling depots.


    • Disulfide linkages repeated through the polymer backbone.

    • Aromatic and aliphatic polymer backbones available.

    • Non-toxic and suitable for potted water applications. No odour as the thiol groups have been removed.

    • Difunctional end groups, both being epoxy.

    • Freely miscible with commercial epoxy resins and viscosity can be easily adjusted.


    • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. Ideal for direct to metal industrial coatings.

    • High level of flexibility and elongation.

    • High impact resistance, including at low temperatures.

    • Chemical resistance to oil, fuels, dilute acids, alkalis, solvents and sea water. Exceptional corrosion resistance.

    • Inherent crack bridging and self-repairing properties due to the disulfide linkages.

Typical Applications

    • Flexible coatings for concrete, steel and wood.

    • Coating systems for surfaces exposed to aggressive chemicals e.g. marine, off-shore etc.

    • Direct-to-metal industrial coatings.

    • Refuelling depots, fuel storage tanks, pipeline coatings.

    • High-performance adhesives, bonding a wide range of substrates.

Featured grades with technical datasheets

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